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When the price comes down for a while. Comes to an important test at 1321.35 dollars per ounce. Gold flowing into the test multiple times. But can not break into it. Until last weekend. Gold has been trading down to it. Investors began selling off the gold stampede funds are selling gold to continue. Gold is down every day.

If I think of the different Of gold to a record high at 27,100 baht per baht of gold on September 6, 2554 flow record low of 18,500 baht per baht gold gap between the 8,600 baht or 31.71%, which is considered a serious decline. And the trend of the gold price is clearly downward. And evaluation of several court found that Gold is likely to flow down to the low of 15,700 baht per baht of gold.

Gold prices plummet this hard. It is not surprising that of the gold rush. Gold’s tight end. Retail investors. Or the general public. To buy a lot of gold. Although gold is not for gold sales. Investors are willing to buy gold instead of preemption. Hopefully the near future. Gold price to rise. The fact is these investors will find that information. Should I wait to buy some time. Likely to be lower than this.

What would recommend to investors during this period. If investment in the short term. Should find a rhythm in the gold out. Because, in short, may be the price of gold has rebounded somewhat. But the price of gold will flow continuously. If there is no gold in hand and investors. I wait and then buy. The gold price is likely to decline to low again.

The investment in gold. Wanted investors to focus on long-term investments or buying g

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– The movement of the gold price since early last year.

Gold permeability of way down since the end of last year. In late 2555 the price of gold at U.S. $ 1,660 per ounce. Which was a decrease from ever rising. The factors the price of gold dropped from the U.S. economy began to improve.

Earlier this year the price of gold on the open market at around U.S. $ 1,580 per ounce. I was trying to adjust to. The gold price has reached a level of 1,680 to 1,690 U.S. dollars per ounce. But the selling prices down periodically.

From the fact that investors believe. If the slowing U.S. economic stimulus through quantitative easing is. As a result, the amount of excess money into the gold market down with it. Which might be gold prices are not high. Investors are starting to look attractive investment than the stock market, bond market, gold.

– In the case of Cyprus, have much effect on the price of gold.

Impact on the price of gold. Part by rumors that Cyprus will sell gold out. With 13.9 tons of gold reserves, which, if it could be sold for about 400 million euros, although the economy of Cyprus is only 1% of all European economies. But the sale of the debtor’s Gold Troy Hall is being looked into. Model is forced to take the gold with other countries experiencing economic problems. Same or not. As a result, the market began to panic even more.

In addition, factors that result in episode struck gold at the end of last week. Part of the funds to speculate in gold, large (hedge funds) are sold out. The timing of the sell-out. Is when the price of gold at U.S. $ 1,500 per ounce. And selling used electronic channels at a price point you want. Send to a strong gold prices fell rapidly.

Overall, only 2 to 3 days gold prices fell more than U.S. $ 200 per ounce, down more than 15%, the most in 30 years, although it had been a situation like this when the year 2554, with prices up to U.S. $ 400 per ounce But also changes to 15% and create a panic to the gold market is huge.

– After the gold price will be.

Price of gold in the beginning due to the lack of stability and volatility. When the price fell below $ 1,500 per ounce. I need to win that gold is back above $ 1,400 per ounce level, or not supportive of the gold price is U.S. $ 1,320 per ounce level. If you can stand strong, it may be moved up to the level of U.S. $ 1,400 per oz.

I can not stand it. May fall to 1,150 to 1,250 U.S. dollars per ounce. If the calculation is gold in probably see gold at 16,000 baht per baht as well.

– The baht appreciation affect gold or not.

Result of the appreciation of the baht will affect the price of gold in the country. Every change of the baht 10 satang will affect the gold price in U.S. $ 80 per gold. As with the gold price in the world market is changing every 10 U.S. dollars per ounce, the gold price will affect the price of gold per 140.

The baht appreciated since the early weeks. Also affect gold prices reasonable. But what is changing now. Gold prices decline. Not result in the appreciation of the dollar in the past already.

A reflection that the price of gold is a measure of the dollar then. The movement of the dollar depends on economic fundamentals. And the baht has strengthened the capital inflows is another factor affecting the value of money.

– Confidence in the eyes of investors turn to gold or not.

Return on investing in gold since the beginning of last year to about 10% and the negative end of the week before when gold prices decline, reaching USD 1,320 dollars per ounce. The return on gold investment, gold is down to 20% of the circuit to pin down more clearly. After the past 12 years.

Counted as a round of gold near finished. The gold is an investment that is safe or safe heaven assets began to decline. If the price of gold, which can not be recovered. May have to wait another 4-5 years before we see a new round of gold.

I also believe that gold prices will rise somewhat. Depending on the economic factors that will affect the price of gold over the next period.

However, confidence in the psychology of investors, gold has not gone. If investors are confident that gold will also have the opportunity to have a chance to move up again, just as the stock market had dropped two years ago, it can come back as well.

Mr. He sighted the Apirag qualification.
Blake, managing director of Global Management Holding Limited (PCL).

“Gold is not a safe asset anymore. Assets have become more speculative. Because in the past. Investors to invest in gold. Because that is growing in line with inflation on the rise. Many countries, especially during the start of using monetary pumping money into the system. The global investors flock to buy more gold.

Investors flock to buy gold. I think the bunker. Because the price of gold tends to rise as inflation. But as time went on. Stimulus did not cause inflation to increase as you think. Gold investors frustrated and out. The price freefall.

old, hoping to use it for retirement, which will create returns for investors was certainly well worth it. ”

“Investing in gold this time. Investors need to consider more carefully before investing. The price of gold has been very volatile. Because the market is still in a panic situation. Just a rumor came out, it will affect the price of gold. Reflection of price adjustment on April 19th with the price of gold to 12 times the price changes every three minutes that count the most in this year. But probably not as much as the year 2554 has been adjusted 22 times in one day.

Open up the flow of gold from the long weekend with the people that buy gold in the next row. Chinatown since the stores opened. The volume of gold in Chinatown. The animation continues.

But that is wrong. It will be added to the price of gold during this already. Goldwater also some out sale. The signals of negative news about the panic. The view that the price of gold goes down.

However, investors do not want you to panic with the news. Investment is likely to be a wait and see situation for a while, which is expected to be a rush of investors. Start to normal during this week. If the news is nothing to affect the price it out. “

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